Miwsig a Llyfrau


Caneuon ar Gyfer Byd Gwell: Trwy dwy wythnos, dw i wedi sgwennu, recordio, mix a master y tracs o’r Gwynfydau o’r Beibl Cymraeg Newydd. Dw i’n credu mae geiriau yn llawn. Gwrando ar y caneuon ar Soundcloud yma.


Kindle CoverLove Big or Go Home – What happens when you spend three years living nomadically, working in festivals across the US, UK and Czechia, and hanging out with Rubber Tramps, hippies, Dirty Kids, and assorted not-even-trying-to-be-ne’r-do-wells? A book of Road Tramp Theology. Yup. That’s what.

Witches are Real People Too – an anthropology of American Neo-Paganism from a Christian perspective.

Burning Religion CoverBurning Religion – The first of a three part series on navigating the space between religion and secular society. A combination of wild tales, philosophy, theology, and autobiographical stories.

Before We Saw Blue – this is the place where true story, trail guide, Welsh mythology, and complete fantasy meet together in the hunt for both inspiration and sanity. Currently, only in ebook.

Advent Meditations on the Celtic Saints – Wild ancient celtic tales, biblical passages, devotional thoughts, and deep prayers lead you through the Advent Season. This book was originally conceived on this website. Currently only in ebook.

Finding Jesus at Burning Man – an account published in Christianity Today about building an art installation at the Burning Man Festival. free pdf here –> CT_Burning_Man

The Reformation of Halloween – in 1999 Phil Wyman moved to Salem, MA. Since then, a wild story of Christian Outreach and working with the city of Salem has unfolded. The front page of the WSJ, PBS, Christianity Today, and movies such as Furious Love have covered some of the happenings on the street over almost 20 years.

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