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Since May 2023, Phil Wyman has taken up a new mission in a new land. Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, UK is now his home, and he is preparing for a yearlong Welsh language walk around the nation of Wales. You can follow this preparation and this journey here at

After 35 years as a local church pastor, Phil has a variety of expertises. His work also includes over 20 years working within festival settings, and among New Religious Movements and contemporary subcultures. The festivals include Burning Man; Glastonbury; Pagan festivals in the US and UK; Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts; music festivals, book festivals, and philosophy gatherings.

Looking for a Christian pastor with expertise and understanding about the topics of:

• Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft
• positive multi-faith dialogue
• a positive Christian response to Halloween
• Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts
• Christianity and Burning Man
• a unique Christian response to pop culture
• the tension of small church ministry in a “think big” world
• the history of American Evangelicalism with it’s inherent strengths and weaknesses

These are some of the topics Phil Wyman is most experienced and adept at discussing. After almost twenty years of pastoring in Witch City (Salem, MA) and receiving national and international attention for his revolutionary approach to befriending Neo-Pagans and being involved with the world’s most famous Halloween festival, Phil Wyman has both the stories and the in-depth knowledge to address some of religion’s hottest topics. See his writings for information.

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