Language Suppression and Colonialism: Cymru a Chymraeg

Postcolonial theory and the subject of language suppression are intimately tied together. Critiques of British, French, and American suppression and outright destruction of native peoples’ languages is well documented. Native American tongues in America, Canada, and Central and South America have been permanently lost. In the US and Canada, languages such as Navajo, Apache, Choctaw, … More Language Suppression and Colonialism: Cymru a Chymraeg

Interview with Church Mission Society in the UK

Back in the summer, I spent a day with the Church Mission Society in Oxford, England. I taught on the subject of working in festival settings. Afterwards, I did a short interview with Naomi Steinberg about Halloween, Burning Man, learning to befriend Witches, and general festival outreach. You can find the interview at the top … More Interview with Church Mission Society in the UK

Coachella Music Fest: The best of the worst of us?

I am working with a friend at the famous Coachella Music Festival, which somehow gets itself listed as the best music festival year after year. This is based upon the music lineup and surprises that come with that lineup. For instance, Eminem was one of the headliners this year, and as a surprise guest, Dr. … More Coachella Music Fest: The best of the worst of us?

Festival Micro-Church Planting: UK 2016

One month until we head to the UK. The 5-6 week outreach involving three festivals, and preparations for future events in North Wales is now in its second year. An art installation at one festival, philosophy/theology discussions and debates at two others, dream interpretation and spiritual healing ministry at all events, and ongoing ministry to … More Festival Micro-Church Planting: UK 2016

A God for the Nomads

American society has its nomads. This is not something we readily recognize, or acknowledge, but they live all around us. They are the homeless. They are the under-employed, who move from region to region looking for work. They are the 8 million truck drivers spending most of their days on long open lonely roads. Some … More A God for the Nomads

The Palette of Your Life

Our work at Burning Man is sneaking its way into Salem, MA. This interactive art piece consists of 24 used wooden pallets, and Dennis Huxley’s carpenter skills stood pulled off this eight foot tall circle of pallets, which became an interactive art installation allowing people to mark their New Year’s resolutions in seasons, and months and … More The Palette of Your Life