Postyn Milltir: Cant diwrnod i fynd

Mae heddiw postyn milltir i fi. Mae gen i 100 diwrnod i fynd a na i ddechrau y daith heb saesneg. Mae tipyn bach ofn arna i achos nid ydy’r daith wedi’i threfnu trwy’r flwyddyn gyfan eto. Ond dw i’n credu mewn byw bywyd ffydd, ac dw i’n credu mewn gwyrthiau hefyd. Felly dylwn i fod yn hapus ac yn gyffrous iawn. Wel, i fod yn onest, dwi’n nerfus ac yn gyffrous ar yr un pryd. 

Ti’n gallu nylen i ar y wefan yma, ar y rhestr ebost, Facebook, Twitter, neu Instagram.

Now for the English translated by Google, which is equally as poor as my Welsh. 😀

Today is a mile post for me. I have 100 days to go before I start the journey without English. I’m a bit scared because the trip hasn’t been organized for the whole year yet. But I believe in living a life of faith, and I believe in miracles too. So I should be very happy and excited now. Well, to be honest, I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

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