Our Spiritual Need for Nomadic Experience

“There is a need for nomadic escape, and nomadic mission in each of us. Today, people pilgrimage to festivals and tourist destinations for retreat, and to do what is now referred to as ‘finding yourself’. Others go on adventure trips to discover a vitality of life not available in their work-a-day existence. Some travel to foreign places in service to others and to bring hope to hopeless situations. These expressions of leaving home represent part of the figurative nomadism each of us should find a place for in our lives, and this forms one of the basic arguments in this book: that there is something about nomadism that is fundamental to human experience and to the mission of God, and we should all learn from it, gain from it, and participate in it in some fashion––even if we are settled.”

from Love Big or Go Home, on the inherent nomadic nature of the gospel, a theology of mission for all people

Priscilla the Motorhome (a main character of y new book) waits for me to get rolling after spending a couple weeks in Dayton Texas with Paul and Joy

Join me in this discovery of a major element of Christian mission that has largely been missing from our tame expressions of Christianity in America and Europe. You can find Love Big or Go Home on Amazon.

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