New Book! Love Big or Go Home: the inherent nomadic nature of the gospel

What happens when you spend three years living nomadically, working in festivals across the US, UK and Czechia, and hanging out with Rubber Tramps, hippies, Dirty Kids, and assorted not-even-trying-to-be-ne’r-do-wells?

A book of Road Tramp Theology. That’s what happens.

The gospel is a tramp. It has wanderlust, and lives on the road. It stops for a meal, maybe spends a few nights, but is dissatisfied staying in one place. Love Big or Go Home is the culmination of two years of travel around America, Wales, England, and Czechia. Combined with studies on the lives of the wild Desert Fathers and Mothers of the early Christian church, this book challenges our preconceived ideas of God’s work among us. Is it possible that the gospel is inherently nomadic? Are attempts to tame it squeezing the life out of it? I considered these questions, and found a surprising answer: the mission of the nomadic gospel is something simple enough for everyone to understand and participate in.

Love Big or Go Home follows my wanderings, and tells the tales of learning how God is as active on the road as he is in pulpit and pew…if not more so.

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