Just a Gentle Touch – a song for caregivers

I wrote this song a couple days ago and uploaded it to Youtube. It evokes many of the feelings I have being a caregiver for my mom during this time. She has dementia, and needs someone at the house to care for her full time. She can do some things for herself, but many of the basic lifeskills need assistance.

As Christians, I believe that we have the responsibility to be what I call Pre-mortem Psychopomps. A Psychopomp is a shaman who leads a soul into the afterlife after the person has died, but I believe that a person going into the afterlife has to make that trip on their own. Thus, a person of faith can at best only help others prepare for that which is to come. This song touches on that issue. I am sure that those of you who are caregivers for family members will understand the emotive content in this.

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