UK Outreach Schedule 2019

At the bottom of this post are some of the dates for the first half of this summer’s UK Outreach. This represents a small number of the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the UK festival season. It is my contention that the festivals of the world are the places people are going for meaning and discovery, and this is why the church should be there. The number of people who are beginning to be involved with this kind of ministry increases each year. Groups such as Desanka from Cary, NC; and The Love Project from Oakland, ME are taking this concept around the US and the UK. Friends in the UK such as Diana Dingles Greenfield and Glyn and Emma Moreton are doing the same thing, and taking the concept to new and creative levels.

My friend John W. Morehead from Multi-Faith Matters discusses the importance of this kind of ministry in the video below. You can donate to help keep this ongoing mission alive through the Paypal link on the Salem Gathering Website. Interested in participating? Contact me at pastorphil (at) salemgathering (dot) com.

May 16-19 – Focus Wales

May 24-27 – HowTheLightGetsIn

May 23-June 2 – Hay Literary Festival

June 3-9 – Burning Nest

June 21 – Stonehenge Solstice

June 21-23 – 3 Wishes Fairy Festival

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