Wild Theology Podcasts are now on Youtube

I have described my theological views under the title of Wild Theology. In fact, the website for my books, BurningReligion.com, also has the URL WildTheology.org pointing at it. Yes, you can assume that my Wild Theology is embedded into my writings – philosophically and technologically. I have described this Wild Theology in extremely simple terms: The world, the people in it, and God are all wilder than we’ve been told.

I have now created a little more than thirty episodes of the Wild Theology Podcast. These are audio files, and are accessible to everyone on my Patreon page. For greater accessibility I have added these to YouTube with some pictures of me, and my friends, and my journeys.

The first six episodes of the Wild Theology Podcast are now up on YouTube, and you can go directly to the Wild Theology playlist here. I will be adding the other episodes soon. The first set of episodes come from my views expressed in Burning Religion. There is also an interview with some friends who are part of the ever-growing list of Christians struggling to find a place to call their church-home. These interviews have become a regular part of this podcast series.

I am currently making most of my living as a writer, copy editor, speaker, and traveling minister within the festival world. If you would like to help support this work by prayer or financial support you can do so by going to the bottom of the page at SalemGathering.com, or by becoming one of my patrons on Patreon.


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