Sonnet #44 – 2nd Carnival sonnet, an upside-down sonnet

Sonnet #44 – 2nd Carnival sonnet, an upside-down sonnet. To be read top to bottom, and bottom to top.

T’is He Who turned our planet upside-down
upon the cross of Christ, the Holy Clown

and I would be remiss were I not glad
Though sad the sight of Him whose skin was flayed
So now we ask, t’is He or we be mad?
But we find joy in Him Whom we betrayed

Yet all was lost to us in our estate
We crushed our world, our lovers, and our friends
Like enemies we crushed them to be great
For people became means and became ends

The world was ours to win and win we did
when all was fair in war and love of gain
in winning every battle, every bid
when blessings dropped from clouds like acid rain

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