Sonnet #38 – further meditations on the pastorate

Sonnet #38 – further meditations on the pastorate

A Shakespearean sonnet on love of life in service. Contrast light and dark, sorrow and joy and their simultaneous tensions.

We speak of light, but know the dark too well
Enjoin a joy to those we love and serve
They watch, we live through torment and through Hell
In suff’ring and in smiling have the nerve
to urge them on to hope against their loss
and dream white horses, Camelot, and cloud
We push the stone, but feel the weight of cross
and nails, and sip the wine of joy while bowed

But in this low, disgraceful place we sow
the seeds of life eternal in the soil
and what will grow? we guess but do not know
still, water it with clotted wine and oil

So come with me to dream beyond your sight
Where we will meet beyond the darkest night

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