Sonnet #36: 3rd apocalyptic pop love sonnet, I’ll not serve this bitter wine: Rev. 16

Sonnet #36: the third apocalyptic pop love song sonnet
Theme: I’ll not serve this bitter wine: Rev. 16

A table set before our enemies
A cup is poured we drink it to the dregs
A celebration to their enmities
A host is set against us as we beg

Last time I sat here all the people stared
Last in this place I sat and licked my sores
Last chance to flee, you ask, how will we fare?
Last pass of bottle, now the wine is poured

Hope now with me, for we are not alone
Hope drinks the dregs with us to taste it sweet
Hope now will laugh and gnaw the victor’s bones
Hope knows the end, while prophets bleat like sheep

Comes up from Hell, tattoos the lost sheep heads
Comes down from Heav’n, and stamps the sheep in dreads

alternate ending:

Comes now the day. False prophets shout and curse
Comes down to this. For better or for worse.

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