Sonnet #35 – 2nd apocalyptic pop love sonnet, E’en Heaven Waits in Silence

Sonnet #35 – the second apocalyptic pop love song sonnet.

Theme: a plague love song. Though you and I are besieged by plagues and sores we will not lose our love for each other.

the ships have raised their flags and crossed the sea
the iron fist beneath the velvet glove
has come for us, it offers no pity
this world has cast its violence ‘gainst our love

we sit beside the boiling sea and hold
these blistered hands against the rising tide
with plagues, and wars, and famine all foretold
we watch the pale rider ride on the sky

But you will be my health, anchor my hope
for when my flesh falls off, I loose my eyes
and all the world has died, I will elope
with you who holds my heart before it flies

e’en Heaven sits in silence half an hour
waits for your touch to feel the new world flower

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