Sonnet #34 – Postponing Armageddon

Sonnet #34 – the first of a short series of apocalyptic pop song sonnets.

Postponing Armageddon

Verse 1
I want to run away with you tonight
I want to count the stars by firelight
and we can number promises they make
Then we will call them yours and mine to take

Verse 2
and when the blood red moon ascends the sky
We will forget these troubling questions “why”
O come with me and hide beneath this dome
Under the doomsday sky we call our home

Tonight we both can flee this crumbling world
And count the falling stars as they are hurled
to chase away the demons, leave us two
and we will make our wish and pray it’s true

I feel I’m touching Heaven in disguise
Postponing Armageddon with your eyes

Alt. Ending

I feel I’m touching Heaven for awhile
Postponing Armageddon with your smile

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