Sonnet #33 – 9th Shakespearean Sonnet on rediscovering the ability to love

Sonnet #33 – the 9th Shakespearean Sonnet on the subject of rediscovering the ability to love

I learned there was no place to go called “back”
There was no home, no satisfying life
my aching bones in rest and labor crack
that salted road a portend of Lot’s wife

and I cannot return, I cannot peek
Back down the salted road of my worst grief
Nor to the omened future do I seek
Behind and to the fore are both a thief

But I will not remain a hopeless lot
Incestuous with drunkenness and lost
for even if the fruits of life do rot
now I have purchased wisdom with this cost

May you receive the gains of all my pain
for I will live for you, and yours remain

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