Sonnet #32 – 8th Shakespearean Sonnet Love is a game played to death. Those who survive do not win.

Sonnet #32 – 8th Shakespearean Sonnet on love. Theme: love is a game played to death. Those who survive do not win.

This tortured game of love is played to death
and one would slay, another slain by it
Some seek to crown their head with flowered wreath
and not by what they give but what they get

Is love so cruel? or an illusive beast?
Are we the hunters? Or the hunted prey?
Are we the potters? or the pot used least?
like earthenware returned back to the clay?

I meditated on this dang’rous quest
Considered but for sacrifice I’d not
have learned the blesser is above the blessed
My heart shall live ev’n as my body rots

The victor’s wreath is laid upon the tomb
and those who give their lives shall see it bloom

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