Sonnet #31 – 7th Shakespearean Sonnet, Love is compared to a loosing game of tag.

Sonnet #31 – 7th Shakespearean Sonnet on love. Here love is compared to a loosing game of tag. The Volta is the realization that the game of love is won only if you play to the death.

So I played tag with love. It always won
and it did slay my soul, and passion flailed.
Love touched. Did run wayward. I was undone.
And I did scan the play to no avail

Is love a ghost who plays me like a fool?
To tease and then most daringly retreat
with hooting laughs to host this brutal school
while openly boasting in my defeat?

Well, I will not retreat, but to the death
will chase ignoble once, and noble next
impossible to catch until last breath
and I will not believe that I am hexed

For it is not a game I win today
but rather, it is life and truth: the way

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