Sonnet #30 – 6th Shakespearean Sonnet Paid a Bradychu’r Bardd/Don’t Betray the Bard!

Sonnet #30 – 6th Shakespearean Sonnet on love and surviving betrayal. Paid Bradychu’r Bardd/Don’t Betray the Bard!

Now, “paid â bradychu’r bardd” rolls off my tongue
This ancient heav’nly language tells the tale
The battles won and battles lost were sung
as bards retold the crown lost by betrayal

The years have passed. The bards still sing their songs
of treachery and overbearing lords
where valleys and the mountains suffered long
still echoing their loss in flailing c(h)ords

Yet, my heart finds its longing in the text
of dragons fighting tooth and nail to death
From ancient prophecies I ask, “what’s next?”
Will love and land again have holy breath?

If words be true, our enemies be jarred
and both renewed, so don’t betray the bard

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