Sonnet #28 – Shakespearean Sonnet #4 on rediscovering love

Sonnet #28 – Shakespearean Sonnet #4 on rediscovering love

I decorate my house much like my heart
In black and white with just the barest tints
With sharp abstractions, parts of broken art
and disassociate from nuanced hints

These painful memories recalled by black
against the white of faithfulness and vows
by stark contrast reveal my tortured lack
of grace when faced with loss of home and house

But, even here is where I find my hope
Though angers rise and sorrows fall I know
that judgments are a tortured yearning grope
The harshness hides concern and care, and so

I ponder on this colorless design
to see the blue in black and rainbowed white

Why blacks and whites are at least the sign of life is the Volta: because even judgment at least reflects concern.

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