Sonnet #26 – 2nd Shakespearean Sonnet on Recovering the Ability to Love

Sonnet #26 – Second Shakespearean Sonnet on rediscovering the ability to love again.

The carillon, it sings out to my heart
an anthem or a dirge upon the hour
It calls me to the steps through its dark art
and sadness splashed with peace spills from the tow’r

For what I’ve lost is sung in every song
when bells are rung my story always told
When strings are strummed and singers sing along
I’ll wear my story, and I’ll wear it bold

I’ll wear upon my breast this scarlet A
A signifier, nay, a holy bell
Belonging not to me but my betray’r
I’ll ring it in the stories that I tell

and it will be my grace, my healing balm
which calls my heart at ringing of the alms

Heartache from betrayal is likened to a mysterious song discovered beneath the structure of every tune. Here it is specifically identified in the carrillon bells of the church steeple. Though the song may be sad, the betrayed has a noble story to tell, which leads to health and prosperity in time.

Classic Shakespearean Sonnet
Rhyme sequence: abab cdcd efef gg
Volta at the combination of meters 8-9

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