Celtic Missional Advent Series 2016

saint-sadwrn-angleseyThe Celtic Missional Advent series is can be used in any year. It is designed to adapt to the changing dates of each year. The series is listed in the links below. It includes lessons about living the missional life as found in the story and scriptures of the Advent, and are matched with the lives and festival days of Celtic Saints. The stories of the Celtic saints come from early medieval hagiographies and tales, and though often fantastic still leave behind a trail of life lessons. In 2016, Advent runs from November 27th through December 24th. In the links below, you will find scriptures, their application to life, ancient stories of saints (mostly of Celtic Origin and mostly Welsh), and a prayer to match the devotional. These are devotions for those whose hearts are found in two places: with the mission of God; and in the Celtic lands of Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Ireland, and Wales.

November 27th – God Knows Your Needs (Saint Cyngar)
November 28th – The Greatest Battle is Against Ourselves (Saint Fionnchu)
November 29th – Your Sacrifices Are Not Forgotten (Saint Sadwrn)
November 30th – On Love and Listening (Saint Andrew)
December 1st – No one is outside the scope of God’s Love (Saint Tudwal)
December 2nd– Sacrificial Giving is the Heart of Mission (Saints Llechid & Bibiana)
December 3rd – Being missional is a radically unlimited perspective (Saint Lleurwg)
December 4th – The missional person goes “out into the world” (Saint Emerita)
December 5th – Not all our labors will be appreciated (Saint Justinian)
December 6th – When the other becomes the “Other” to me (Saint Nicholas)
December 7th – Laboring though unknown (Saint Edren)
December 8th – Stepping Down to Serve (Saint Cynidr)
December 9th – Humble Beginnings (Saint Budoc)
December 10th – Going Uncomfortable Places (Saint Deiniol)
December 11th – God will give you a partner (Saints Peris and Cian)
December 12th –  The missional life is a studied life (Saint Finnian of Clonard)
December 13th – You carry the Light with You (Saint Lucy)
December 14th – We are Indebted to Those Who have Gone Before (Saint Fingar)
December 15th – We are All Supporters of Another’s Vision (Saint Drostan)
December 16th – Your Influence Outlives Your Presence (Saint Beoc)
December 17th – Your Troubles Can be a Blessing (Saint Tydecho)
December 18th – Your Home is Everywhere and Nowhere (Saint Flannan)
December 19th – Don’t Let the Devil Get Your Junk (Saint Samthann)
December 20th – Your Embarrassments can Lead to Blessing (Saint Ursicinus)
December 21st – Lessons from Geocentric Holydays (The Solstice)
December 22nd – The Wisdom of Silence (Saint Ulthan)
December 23rd – Even in Death You have a Voice (Saint Juthwara)
December 24th – The Missional Life is a Disciplined Life (Saint Mochua)
December 25th – Serve Where You are Stranded and Broken (Saint Iarlaithe)

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