Festival Micro-Church Planting: UK 2016

Interview at StonehengeOne month until we head to the UK. The 5-6 week outreach involving three festivals, and preparations for future events in North Wales is now in its second year. An art installation at one festival, philosophy/theology discussions and debates at two others, dream interpretation and spiritual healing ministry at all events, and ongoing ministry to friends in the UK. Surprisingly, and because of the friendships we have developed and the camping skills we have, this is a better bang for the buck than our Burning Man outreach (which has been an unbelievable blessing to many). Total costs for myself are outlined below. Many years, I have funded these things myself, and at other times I have had some wonderful support in helping reach a world of transformative festival seekers (whom I believe are some of the most open and intelligent people in the world). Keep our outreach from May 15th to June 24th in your prayers. Below are my costs, and names of team members joining us. Keep us in your prayers, and consider helping support this project at http://www.salemgathering.org/donate


flights: approx. $650 (roundtrip)
Car rental for one week with petrol (gas): $250
Stonehenge Festival Outreach: $150/person (four day event)
Two weeks at How The Light Gets In: $350 in supplies for outreach side events
Project building at Burning Nest: $200 to build a “funeral pyre to our idols”
Food and a sundries for survival for 5-6 weeks in the UK: $600-$750
Pastor Phil’s Total Cost: $2350

Other team members: Dennis Huxley, David and Sandi, Brown, Christopher Gaston, Mark Searle, Dee Cunniffe, Mr. Jeff Encourage, and Andrew Thomas.

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