A World of Openness: UK Outreach 2015

What if I told you that I could take you to places, people and events, where openness to discussing God and spirituality were the norm and not the exception? Most Evangelical Christians would not believe this, because we have somehow been persuaded to believe that our world is hardened against God.

After 15+ years of experience with alternative festivals and gatherings, I have some pretty solid evidence that this persuasion is an urban myth. Strangely, it is the places we have been told are the least open, which are perhaps the most open.

You can follow us on this journey to a world of openness as we travel to the UK this spring/summer to participate in events in Wales and England. Yep, a few Jesus-freaks and a passport equals a world of fun. This is our itinerary.

Burning Nest: in Bro Morgannwg (the Vale of Glamorgan), Wales, UK
May 21-16

Activities: Dennis Huxley, Hope Deifell, Dee Cunniffe, and Pastor Phil will be attending Burning Nest, which is a UK regional Burn (a Burning Man influenced event). They are planning an art project representing God’s concern for oppression and injustice; offering dream interpretation, and spiritual cleansing and guidance; and holding a philosophy/theology discussion evening.

How the Light Gets In: Philosophy Festival at Hay-on-Wye, Wales, UK
May 28-June 1

Activities: Phil and Dennis will be volunteering at the Hay-on-Wye Philosophy Festival, which is an offshoot of the world famous Hay Literary Festival. This is where they hope to hob-nob with the academic world and find their footing in this wonderfully influential little town of 1,500 people on the Welsh/English border.

Summer Solstice Festival: Stonehenge, England, UK
June 18-21

Activities: Dennis and Phil will be camping at a small festival grounds 2 miles from Stonehenge and offering spiritual counseling from the 18th to the 20th. On the evening before the Solstice, they will be joining 20,000+ Druids and looky-loos who will be waiting till the dawn to experience the midsummer sunrise at Stonehenge. This will be a time we continue to offer spiritual counseling and discussions on Christian spirituality.

To help donate to this outreach:

American Airlines AAdvantage air miles can be donated to help make this trip happen. Currently, Pastor Phil is two-thirds of the way to the UK in miles, and sharing miles can help get him there. FB message or email Phil Wyman for more information. If you have unused AA miles you can share them inexpensively.

You can donate to this growing festival outreach project at http://www.salemgathering.org/donate Please mark this donation as UK Outreach 2015.

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