This Lamentin’ Lenten (part 1): Psalms of Lament – Psalms 3-7

Welsh Bible - Psalm 5This Lamentin’ Lenten
Psalms of Lament: Psalms 3-7

During the Lenten days we are called to prayerful consideration and evaluation of our own lives. Perhaps we too quickly consider this activity to always be a passive and peaceful activity. Yet, the Psalms show another meditation, which carries a passionate cry for help and for deliverance from the struggles in our lives. In the first grouping of Psalms, which have been called the Psalms of Lament, we find the Psalmist crying out for help, making complaints about life’s circumstances, and expressing anger over unfair situations. This, of course, occurs in the midst of thankfulness for God’s deliverance, remembrance for His support in the past, self-examination, and pleas for forgiveness, but these Psalms of Lament teach us that our prayers have a place for a passionate plea, and a righteous complaint.

Listen to Psalms 3-7, which is the first grouping of the Psalms of Lament. Allow a freedom to express your needs in honest emotional expression flow over you as you hear these words of the Psalmist.

Link to listening to the PSALMS OF LAMENT:
Psalms 3-7

The link will allow you to listen to these Psalms one after another. You will have to stop the audio at Psalm 8.

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