Celtic Missional Advent December 16th: Your Influence Outlives Your Presence

Advent December 16th: Saint Beoc’s Day
Isaiah 7:14
Your influence outlives your presence

“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.”

These words from Isaiah, which are considered a prophetic statement about the birth of Christ were written 750 years before Christ. The prophet Isaiah’s words ring in our ears every Christmas season. The prophecies of Isaiah were quoted by the New Testament writers, as evidence of the divine nature and messiahship of Jesus. Like all missional people, Isaiah’s influence has remained around long after he was gone. You can trust that God goes with you in the things you do, but you can also trust that He remains behind. The Spirit of God uses your positive influence as a transforming work long after you have departed. We can have confidence in this, and not have to trust our own efforts. We know that God works with our words and our loving service long after we are gone.

December 16th is Saint Beoc’s (aka Mabeog, Dabheog…) Day. Saint Beoc was a Welsh born saint who lived during the time of Patrick. Perhaps fleeing persecution in Wales, he fled to Ireland. He founded monastery at Lough Derg. Station Island at Lough Derg is the patricks-purgatorylocation of Saint Patrick’s Purgatory, which has been a pilgrimage location since medieval times and remains so today. Beoc is noted for prophesying the coming of Columba. Seeing a bright light in the night sky, he was asked what it meant, “In that direction, whence you have seen the brilliant illumination, said Dabeog, the Lord himself, at a future time, shall light a shining lamp, which, by its brightness, must miraculously glorify the Church of Christ. This shall be Columba, the son of Feidlimid, son of Fergus, and whose mother will be Ethnea. For learning he shall be distinguished; in body and soul shall he be chaste; and he shall possess the gifts of prophecy.”

Prayer: Lord, when I am discouraged, I will remember that You not only go with me everywhere I go, but You have gone before me, and You will remain behind. Use the words of my mouth, and the action of my hands. Like Isaiah and like Saint Beoc, whose works have lingered like incense in a room long after they had departed, let my work be remembered, and remain behind as influential memories benefitting those I love and serve.

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