Celtic Missional Advent: December 3rd – a radically unlimited perspective

Advent December 3rd: Saint Lleurwg’s Day
John 3:16 (cont.)
a radically unlimited perspective

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The giving of God is so radical, and so extravagant, that it challenges us to give our all back to God. Any hard working person knows the value of giving your all in effort to create something. The writer plies his art and subtly manipulates words to evoke emotions, and create “word pictures.” The businessman develops contacts, streamlines effective practices, and makes the best use of his resources to attain success. The athlete works his/her body to be able to do things the average person cannot even attempt. “Giving 110%” are the we use to express this radical effort, as though to say that I have given my luzius_210all and beyond. Perhaps this best describes the effort of God to touch the world with love. God has given so extravagantly that there wass nothing left to give – God gave Himself. After doing everything, and seeing our rejection, He still gave to the point of death. Being missional is a radically extravagant perspective on serving others, which has been modeled to us by Christ.

December 3 is Saint Lleurwg’s day of martyrdom and Feast day in Germany. He sent to Rome asking for emissaries to come and baptize him into the faith in 180 AD. One legend says that Lleurwg (known also as Saint Lucius) resigned his throne in his latter years, left Britain, and became an apostle to what is now Switzerland. He was martyred on December 3, perhaps stoned to death while preaching. In the woods above Coire there is supposedly a stone, which Lleurwg used as his pulpit, and his voice could be heard 12 miles away in Lucienstag.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to be as extravagant in my love for others as possible. I see the death of your son, and the martyrs of the church as examples of this extravagant giving of love and life. Make my life a model of this same sacrificial love. May I learn to step down from my own throne, like Saint Lleurwg stepped down from his, in order to be a messenger of your love.

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