Celtic Missional Advent: November 30th – Love and Listening

Advent November 30th: Saint Andrew’s Day
John 3:16
Love and listening motivates the mission of God

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The love of God is the motivation behind His salvific work in the world. God comes to us, because God loves us. God sent His Son, because He loves us. Because of this truth we can assume that God wants to communicate to us, because love demands dialogue. So, the love of God comes to us in the Person of Jesus, Who wants to dialogue with us. This is the mystery of the Gospel: That God comes to interact with us in love, to both speak and listen. Not to speak only, but through His love He listens. This simple truth of the listening love of God informs the way we should think about our mission in this world. We are divine listeners. We listen because God listens to us, and our listening is an extension of His listening. This becomes a simple way we can express the love of God to others. We listen, because we care. We care, because we love, just as God listens, cares, and loves.

November 30th is the Feast Day of Saint Andrew. The Apostle Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland and of Russia. According to the Gospel of John, Andrew is one of the first two disciples to begin following Jesus. It is Andrew who went to tell his brother Peter about Jesus, and through this Peter began to follow Jesus too. Beyond this, the stories about Andrew, and the words from Andrew are few.

St_Andrew_the_Apostle_-_Bulgarian_iconPrayer: Like the Apostle Andrew, let me be quick to follow the Lord Jesus. May my words be few, and may I be quick to listen. Knowing that you, Lord, listen to my cry, because You love me, I ask that You might show me the power of listening love, teaching me to walk in it. Make my ears, ears of love. Teach me to hear, and understand the cry of the hurting. Amen.

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