Thankfulness Sonnet – Sonnet #46

Sonnet #46 – a second sonnet on Thankfulness for true friendships

I stand here with my thoughts crescendoing
like Wagner in my instability
I love, I rage, I rest, while partnering
with God Who hides His glowing face from me

But, in the darkened room a crack of light
behind the curtain breaks the dawning truth
No, I can’t change, I can’t change, am I right?
or is the fleeing darkness being sued

in you my friends I find an advocate
the flesh and blood of Christ on human face
in smiles, and words of comfort drink my fate
and with you dissonance now bleeds to grace

for every step everyone walks with me
I give my thanks, in you Christ sets me free

A simple Shakespearean sonnet style, but moving the volta to the 5th line to allow room for more light than dark in the 14 meters. Lines 7 and 8 give reference to Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and the lawsuit concerning sampling the main theme from the Stones’ song “The Last Time”. Nod to James 2:1 in meter 9, and John 8:32 in the final meter. Wagner’s unstable dark dissonance and sudden changes in dynamics for the background for the tension in the sonnet. So, I listened to Wagner, Vast, and Virgin Black while composing this sonnet.

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