Sonnet #45 – on Thankfulness

It has been some time since I have posted a sonnet, and as you can see, I have written another 20 sonnets since then. I will post the others sometime soon, but for now, here is number 45 – on Thankfulness.

Sonnet #45 – On Thankfulness

a simple shakespearean sonnet style

Upon the days of gloom, my captured soul
abandoned present joys to clutch the pain
considered all the loses and controlled
the ghosts of yesterdays with false bargains

There lies a grave, without a name, and I
stood peering down into the beck’ning hole
could write the name, the signatory mine
because my ghosts were calling out the roll

But, I remembered that the past was just
the past, and passed like past’ral road trip scenes
the ghosts have fled and left the filmy dust
which I swipe off, a line my finger cleans

and on my fingers, wipe away the tomb
as God, and beauty, faithful friends now bloom

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