What Burning Man has to teach the Church

The following video is not going to satisfy the superstitious Christian, who refuses to hear the wisdom between the lines. There is much in this, which Christians could critique, but can you find the wisdom between the lines. If you cannot, you my not be able to find God in the crazy places, but don’t be deceived – He is there. The places like Burning Man, and the people who help make these events happen have something to teach the church. Listen carefully to Ty.

2 thoughts on “What Burning Man has to teach the Church

  1. I love the statement at 4:10ish. “throwing rocks at them won’t get any more babies fed…”

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve listened to it three times now and it really does contain a message for the church. The cynic in me says good luck in delivering it, though.

    1. Archie, The cynic in you is correct, but I believe that a change toward the church having ears to hear is slow, but sure work. with a few bumps along the road though. 😉

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