Sonnet (with your name on it) #17: Paul Senn

It has been at least a month since I’ve posted the sonnets I am writing. So, now I am catching up and will posting a number of them. This is for someone I really respect, and it shows in my glowing opinion of him in lyric.

Sonnet #17: a sonnet with your name on it – Paul Senn

a common man thinks common thoughts and then
Inside of them he finds himself and friends
But noble men think noble thoughts and grow
Outside themselves – embrace all whom they know

A larger world is found inside the minds
Of larger men who’re made for harder times
And heroes they – forgotten by the mass
Unmoved by fickle passions of the crass

And these shall be my heroes to the end
Who sacrifice their time for all the small
The weak, the broken, hurting are their call
Whose thoughts of self promotion always bend
to heroes of the past like King and Paul
Apostles to the helpless like Paul Senn

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