Sonnet #23: The hunt for the muse part 2

Sonnet #23: On the hunt for the muse #2

Rhyme Scheme: starts and ends with the same simple rhyme, but through the sonnet is transformed by other types of rhyming until it is unrecognizable from the first word, but eventually returns to the first rhyme.

Basic Concept: as much as I seek transformation from my muse, it is much more likely that the muse is transformed by me, and I justify the change by saying something has happened in me.

On meeting with my muse to trade the dance
for inspiration, information grasps
my heart. I wrestle with these studied grips
to hold her tight lest all the insight creeps
away, and I am left but with deceits
Like marrow from the bone I suck her tits
and wonder if this is just tit for tat
not rattled I play on for champion’s cap

I lead, she leads, and now I don my cape
we grapple to the death, the blood to keep
And one will die, the other on the cusp
of life and death will satisfy their lust
A Dictator dictating to the last
But who now followed, and who led this dance?

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