Sonnet #16 – rethinking thunder as God’s voice in the light of the crucifixion

The distant thunder rolls across the skies
An instant rewind of a God Who dies
and so this reminds me of Calvary
and thoughts of wrath do seem a vagary

A curtain torn reveals what could have been
Uncertain omen separating sin
from life, from home in every act of will
for then we lived in rev’rie, and until

We bowed and saw ourselves as lost within
a crowded list of rules we tried to bend
and when the fist of light’ning struck the sky
the wrath of God was fright’ning to our eye

But now we see the cross, the veil in two
and how we’ve grown from wrath to see anew

The rhyme sequence to this sonnet is aabb ccdd eeaa ff

 An interior rhyme sequence is found from line to line. The first foot and a half  of line one has a rhyme with the first foot and a half of line two. The second foot and a half of line two rhymes with the second foot and half of line three, and the third foot and half of line three rhymes with the third foot and half with line four. This sequence repeats itself in each section of the sonnet.

 Theology of the sonnet:

 The concept of thunder as the voice of God speaking in wrath is reconsidered. God’s love is seen in the rain and storm following the death of Christ when the veil was torn and the access to the holiness of God was suddenly made open to humanity.

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