Sonnet #11 – the poverty of God

Sonnet #11: poverty, loss, and redemption. How we respond despite the fact that Christ went into debt for us.

The people shake their fists and shout at God
You owe me! owe me answers for my loss
This turning world is tumbled and is tossed
Calamity is sanctioned as His rod

The people hang their heads and howl in pain
Betrayed! Betrayed! Why have You hid Your face?
Their loneliness is found instead of grace
by priests who offer comfort to make gain

But God in Heaven grimaced, wept, and groaned
In weakness stepping down He left His throne
In foolishness His answers stay unknown
as we still doubt and shout and hedge our bets
Yet destitute He comes and pays our debts
Through cross and tomb, and yet remains alone

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