Sonnet #1 (because rhyming is uncool to postmodern poets) ;-)

Just practicing poetry, and thought I’d do some sonnets for awhile. Here is the first of my current flash of sonnets:

Sonnet #1
Consider now the ancient ways of God
Where broken men toward holiness have trod
a lonely path through sin and emptiness,
forgotten works and squalid loneliness

Heroes laid bare by greedy power lords
and bound by laws of false deific cords
in depths of darkness, solitary holes
hold our heroes and their pow’rful souls

And like a fire hid ‘neath the fresh mowed grass
and lights in homes which through the windows glow
their kind and glorious works do show, and so
I call upon your wand’ring mind to ask

If you will live this day as though perhaps
It were not your own but someone another’s last

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